Policy and Disclaimers

All clients must read, agree and sign this Policy and Disclaimer


  • Projects priced under $3k, estimates are free of charge within coverage area (Hudson & Bergen Counties, NJ).
  • If you need a written estimate with cost break downs or projects with architectural/electrical engineering plans or drawings, there will be an administrative charge priced according to the work requested. For pricing assessment, contact the office at 201.966.0019
  • We will only provide estimates to the owner of the home or property. If you are not the owner, we require a letter of consent, written and signed by the owner stating that the said construction or repair is requested for and permitted at the location
  • If an estimate is requested for negotiation in purchasing a property, there will be a charge. This will be referred to as a “pre-purchase estimate” and the cost will range from $500- $1200 per estimate, depending on the assessment of the project.


  • You must submit a deposit payment (per terms stated in the contract) and a signed contract. If the agreed deposit is not made with a signed contract, your start date will not be secured/locked-in our work calendar. Verbal agreements will not be honored. After a deposit payment is cleared, we will proceed with all required paper work relating to your project (i.e. permits, scheduling equipment rental or usage, etc.).
  • Payment schedule and alterations. Deposit must be made in full prior to scheduling the work as set forth in the contract. No work will commence until the full deposit is paid.
  • If the agreed upon payment schedule is altered without the written consent of Vaccarella Electrical Services (email or fax) prior to the payment due date, the contract will be considered void and the project will not proceed until the client complies with said payment schedule.
  • In the event a full deposit is not made or the payment schedule is altered without the written consent of the Contractor, Vaccarella Electrical Services, in its sole and absolute discretion, may declare the client in breach of the Contract and terminate the contract or proceed with an alternative payment plan that is agreed upon by both parties, in writing; in the alternative, Vaccarella Electrical Services also reserves the right to terminate the Contract without any legal or financial obligation to the client. If any amount is owed to Vaccarella Electrical Services at the time of such termination, client shall have 30 calendar days to make payment to the Contractor, after which time, Contractor may commence proceedings to collect the same.
  • Final payment is due within 5 business days of completing the project. If final payment is not paid within 5 business days after completion of the project, interest will accrue at the rate of 1 1/2% per month on any remaining balance until the account is paid in full.All collection agency fees and/or legal fees including costs and accrued interest will be added to the final amount due and owing from the client.
  • Our work list: Project work lists are itemized on the agreed Contract. All work to be performed must be listed on the Contract. Any new items post project start date will be billed in addition to the final bill and will be considered a “Change Order” and billed accordingly. All “Change Orders” must be done in written form. Verbal change orders will not be honored.
  • Point of contact: Client shall designate, in writing, one individual who will act as the sole contact person and act upon client’s behalf and with whom Contractor will communicate on all project issues. Such person shall be deemed to have the authority to act on behalf of the client, on all project issues. Any and all issues shall be submitted in writing, directly to Vaccarella Electrical Services. No other person(s) employed by Contractor are authorized to make any alterations or changes to the project.
  • Project delay fee post start date Contractor schedules projects based on calendar days that are acceptable to both Contractor and client. Those dates are blocked off for work at your location. Once a project has started and there is any delay which is not caused by Vaccarella Electrical Services (including any delays caused by third party vendors in connection with their delivery, installation, fabrication, etc.), there will be an added charge for rescheduling the project. The added charge will be based on Contractor’s work rate per worker and number of days.
  • The client assumes all responsibilities and risks relating to any and all third party vendors and workers that are chosen by client, including any such vendors which may be recommended by Contractor. Such responsibilities and risks include, but are not limited to, delivery dates, cost, level of workmanship, permits, follow ups, due dates, management of their staff, etc. All such delays and incurred costs to Vaccarella Electrical Services caused by said vendors will be charged to client. Vaccarella Electrical Services shall neither be responsible or liable for any inability to comply with project deadlines caused by such delays due to said vendors. Third party vendor delays directly affect our work schedule and due dates. All contacts and scheduling with third party vendors must be done by the client and cleared with Vaccarella Electrical Services, unless otherwise provided for in the Contract.
  • All permits, variances and fees will be at the responsibility of the client unless otherwise stated and agreed in the contract.
  • All permit related paperwork submitted to and picking up from the Buildings Department is the responsibility of the client unless otherwise stated in the Contract. If the client wishes to have Contractor perform permitting process and paperwork, there is an Administrative Fee (price reflective of overall project cost. This can be determined upon discussion with Contractor).
  • Parts Cost: If we purchase and/or pick up any parts for the project, the cost for same will be billed directly to the client on the final bill unless otherwise agreed to and included in the Contract.
  • Delivery and pick up costs: Unless otherwise provided for in the contract, all parts picked up from a third party vendor will be back charged based upon pick up location. Said cost will cover manpower time, gas and tolls.
  • Appointment Cancellations: Contractor requires 24 hours’ notice for rescheduling any previously scheduled appointment. If the client does not attend a previously scheduled appointment with the Contractor, the Contractor will charge the client for a one hour service charge of $150.
  • Bathroom access during our work: The client must provide access to a functioning bathroom for our staff to use during the duration of the work at the work location. If a bathroom is not provided at the project location, a portable john must be leased by the client at the job location for the duration of the project and Contractor will bill it back to the client in the final bill.
  • Our staff is not allowed to move any personal items within the work area. All personal items, pictures and furniture must be removed within the work area by the client prior to our start date and remain so throughout the duration of our work. If any items are left within the work area, we will not be held responsible for any damages to these items.
  • Clean up process: Contractor will clean up the work area after all work is completed and/or on a daily bases for larger projects. Clean up involves removing all work related materials/debris and vacuuming the work site once we are completed with our work. We will not be responsible for dusting furniture, walls, windows or any items left within the work area or outside of the work area. Prior to our work, Contractor will use its best efforts to reduce the spread of dust utilizing dust covers and/or dust barriers but cannot guarantee that dust will not travel to other open areas. If client will need professional cleaning services after the project is completed, client may notify Contractor and Contractor can recommend a company that can provide such services.
  • If dust and noise is an issue, please vacate the job site during our work hours (8am-5pm). Please keep all pets and children away from job site during our work hours.


Upon receipt of an invoice from Vaccarella Electrical Services, payment is due as stated on each contract.

  • Contractor will accept personal checks and cashier’s checks, from all US national banks (Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, etc.), money orders from USPS or national banks
  • Returned checks or stop payment checks: Contractor will charge a service charge of $50 for all returned and stop payment checks plus all bank charges. The final payment must be made in cash or a bank cashier’s check.
  • Management company / Project Manager: Contractor will not perform any work without a fully signed contract and deposit prior to the work start date. No exceptions will be made.
  • If Contractor receives a deposit for a particular job that was quoted by Vaccarella Electrical Services, client’s tender of its deposit check shall be deemed an acceptance of the Contract and the policy and terms listed herein along with the estimates for the job. Contractor will require a signed contract and deposit for all jobs before full completion of work quoted.
  • When client is invoiced, payment is due within 5 business days upon submission. If Payment is not made within 5 business days, the Contracted work will be put on hold until payment is made. If payment is not made within 10 business days, the Contracted work will be terminated and all labor performed and materials purchased on behalf of the client will be invoiced.


  • After work has started and the client wishes to stop all work temporarily, the client must provide a reason for the stoppage, in writing, within 24 hours and also provide Contractor with a continuation date (restart date). If the work stoppage is not caused by any action of Contractor or otherwise related to Contractor’s work, all charges relating to the stoppage up to the stop date will be billed in addition to the contract amount. There will be a Stoppage charge of 25% of the total contract amount (labor only) if no written notice is given to Contractor within 48 hours from the Stoppage date. Contract will be deemed to have been automatically terminated and client will be billed accordingly
  • All permits and 3rd party venders signed by Contractor will be canceled and billed accordingly. Client must submit continuation/restart date to Contractor in writing, but said date shall be confirmed and determined by Contractor in its sole discretion and according to its availability.


Contractor hereby reserves the right to terminate the Contract if the following occur at any time during work at the subject location. If any of the following occur, work will terminate immediately and client hereby agrees that all deposits will be automatically be forfeited to the Contractor as liquidated damages by the client and client hereby further agrees that additional charges for work performed but not paid at such time, will also be billed and paid for by the client.

  • Hostile environment (Verbal and/or physical abuse of Contractor’s employees and staff).
  • Any Illegal activities.
  • Any unreasonable and/or unsafe request by the client.
  • Abandonment of agreed contract/proposal/deposits

Any client request to violate any governmental laws or regulations, including, but no limited to, local building codes and regulations, in the build process will result in immediate contract termination

Wherever in this document “Contractor” appears it shall be deemed to mean Vaccarella Electrical Services.

This document shall be deemed to be a part of the Contract between the parties and agreed to by them.

The client hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Contractor harmless from any and all claims arising out of any work performed in accordance with the terms of this Contract, including, but not limited to, attorney’s fee and costs of litigation.

This agreement is intended to be performed in the State of New Jersey and shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of such State. The parties hereto hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Superior Court of New Jersey.

This agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof, and no prior or other written or oral agreement or undertaking pertaining to any such matter shall be effective for any purpose.

This agreement may not be amended or modified, nor may any obligation here-under be waived, orally, and no such amendment, modification or waiver shall be effective for any purpose unless it is in writing and signed by the party against whom enforcement thereof is sought.

This agreement shall be construed reasonably to carry out its intent without presumption against or in favor of either party. If any provision hereof shall be declared invalid by any court or in any administrative proceedings, then the provisions of this agreement shall be construed in such manner so as to preserve the validity hereof and the substance of the transaction herein contemplated to the extent possible. The captions and section headings are provided for purposes of convenience of reference only and are not intended to limit, define the scope or, or aid in interpretation of any of the provisions hereof.

This Contract shall be binding upon the client’s Executors, Administrators, successors and assigns.