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What is an electrical service?

There is a lot to your electrical service. Your electrical service refers to the pipe (metal or pvc), the meter (from the power company), the wires inside the pipe, your electrical panel (breakers or fuses), and your grounding system. Your service is measured in Amps. The most common residential service sizes are: 60 amps, 100 amps, 200 amps. Although you may have a size in between these (like 150 amps), these are the most common.

What is a service upgrade?

A service upgrade refers to making sure your electrical service is up-to-date and up-to-code! Often this means replacing a small fuse box to a modern panel with breakers. It may be that you already have breakers, but they too are old and outdated, or you need more power for your home. A full-service upgrade replaces the pipe on the outside of your home, the wires inside that pipe, the meter, the wires going from the meter to your panel, the panel itself, the breakers inside the panel, and updating your grounding system with ground rods, communication ground, water ground, etc.

How do I know I need a service upgrade?

The power company is responsible for maintaining the lines running from power pole to power pole or underground, to your house. After the point where their line touches your house, it is your responsibility to maintain. Some signs that you need a service upgrade are: you hear buzzing near your electrical panel, you have fuses in your electrical box, you have many wires under each fuse or breaker, your breakers trip and won’t reset, your panel is full and you want to add more circuits, there is visible rust on or in your panel, there is fraying of wires feeding your panel, the exterior pipe or meter are damaged or falling, you have a 60-amp service, or if your electrical service is more than 20 years old. There are dozens of electrical codes dealing with electrical services that have changed in the last few decades! This is all to improve safety and keep up with the ever-increasing demands we put on our electrical systems.

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